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Statutory succession by the spouse in Poland

Art. 931 [First group of statutory heirs].
§ 1 The children of the testator and his/her spouse are called to the inheritance first by law; they inherit in equal parts. However, the spouse's share may not be less than a quarter of the total inheritance.
§ 2 If a child of the testator did not live to see the opening of the inheritance, the share of the inheritance that would have fallen to them falls to their children in equal parts. This provision applies accordingly to further descendants.

Art. 932 [Inheritance in the absence of the testator's descendants].
§ In the absence of the testator's descendants the testator's spouse and parents are called to the succession by law.
§ 2. The share of the inheritance of each parent who inherits jointly with the testator's spouse shall be one-fourth of the total inheritance. If the paternity of a parent has not been established, the share of the testator's mother inheriting jointly with the testator's spouse amounts to half of the inheritance.

Art. 933 [Spouse's share of the inheritance].
§ The share of the succession of the spouse who inherits jointly with the testator's parents, siblings and descendants is half of the succession.
§ 2 In the absence of the testator's descendants, his parents, siblings and their descendants, the entire inheritance falls to the testator's spouse.

Art. 9351 [Exclusion of the separated spouse].
Provisions on appointment to the inheritance by statute shall not apply to the testator's spouse remaining in legal separation.

Art. 940 [Exclusion of the testator's spouse from statutory succession].
§ 1 A spouse is excluded from the inheritance if the testator has requested that a divorce or separation be pronounced due to his/her fault, and the request was justified.
§ The spouse is excluded from the inheritance by court decision. The exclusion may be requested by any of the other statutory heirs called to the succession jointly with the spouse; the time limit for bringing an action is six months from the date on which the heir learned about the opening of the succession, but no longer than one year from the opening of the succession.
After a legally valid divorce, we can no longer speak of a spouse, hence statutory succession does not take place.