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Disinheritance in Poland

Article 1008 [Disinheritance].
The testator may, in his will, deprive his descendants, spouse and parents of the retainer (disinheritance) if the person entitled to the retainer:

1) against the will of the testator acts persistently in a manner contrary to the rules of social co-existence;
2) has committed against the testator or one of his closest persons an intentional crime against life, health or freedom, or a gross insult to honour;
3) persistently fails to fulfil family obligations towards the testator.
Article 1009 [Cause for disinheritance].
The reason for disinheriting a person entitled to a reserved portion shall be specified in the will.

Art. 1010 [Effect of disinheritance].
§ 1 The testator may not disinherit a person entitled to a reserved share if he has forgiven him.
§ If at the moment of forgiving the testator did not have legal capacity to act, the forgiveness is effective if it was done with sufficient discernment.
Art. 1011 [Descendants of the disinherited person].
The descendants of a disinherited descendant shall be entitled to a reserved portion of the estate even if they survive the testator.