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In case of financial difficulties, it is extremely important to take restructuring measures at the right time for your company.

- New legal regulations introduced in January 2016 give companies in Poland new opportunities for restructuring.

- Entrepreneurs, in case of emerging problems, no longer have to consider only bankruptcy. Now they can also start the process of changes in their company in order to protect against it.

- Of course, the sooner this process begins, the higher the chances are that it will end in success. That is why it is worth reacting in the case of the first serious symptoms and monitoring the financial situation on an ongoing basis, in particular when there is a risk of losing financial liquidity.

Restructuring and insolvency advisory services

A licensed restructuring advisor is entitled to provide services outside of restructuring or bankruptcy proceedings in the field of widely understood out-of-court restructuring consultancy.

and is therefore entitled to do so:

- providing advice, opinions and explanations concerning the provisions of restructuring and bankruptcy law as well as civil and criminal liability of the members of the debtor's management board for failure to submit or late submission of an application for declaration of bankruptcy and acting to the detriment of creditors;

- advising, inter alia, on the choice of appropriate legal solutions and procedures for companies threatened with insolvency or insolvent, on possible bankruptcy proceedings, or in the context of selecting appropriate solutions aimed at minimising the risks associated with running a business;

- the provision of advice to creditors in relation to risks of insolvency or insolvency of their debtors in order to protect the interests of creditors and limit the risk of their financial loss;

- assisting the debtor in negotiations with creditors and representing the debtor in this process, and vice versa, acting on behalf of the creditor in negotiations with the debtor;

- participate in work on contracts, advising, inter alia, as regards securing the interests of the parties to the agreement in the event of insolvency or insolvency of the other party, as well as in work on contracts already concluded in the course of restructuring proceedings and bankruptcy;

- provide information on sources of financing available to the debtor, including public aid, and cooperate with the debtor in order to obtain such financing;

- representing the debtor or creditor before the court in bankruptcy cases - consumer bankruptcy, bankruptcy of the entrepreneur, as well as in restructuring cases - restructuring of the company, e.g. drawing up and filing an application for bankruptcy, further representation in proceedings, submission of claims, objection to the list of claims, cases for exclusion from bankruptcy.