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- assessment of debt and establishment of a strategy for action,

- negotiations with the debtor or creditor,

- drawing up agreements with a repayment schedule,

- security for repayments,

- security proceedings,

- prescriptive proceedings,

- simplified procedure,

- writ-of-payment proceedings,

- European injunction procedure,

- Clause procedure,

- Pauline complaint,

- proceedings for declaring the debtor's contracts ineffective vis-à-vis the creditor pursuant to Article 59 of the Civil Code,

- notifying the public prosecutor's office in case of suspicion that the debtor has committed an offence of frustrating the creditor's satisfaction, misappropriation, fraud or others,

- a request for enforcement,

- the search for the debtor's assets,

- obtaining information on the state of execution,

- directing enforcement to the joint property of the spouses,

- proceedings in an antitrust action,

- complaints about the activities of the judicial officer,

- verification of the plan of distribution of the sum obtained from enforcement,

- court proceedings for the disclosure of assets,

- filing a petition for bankruptcy of the debtor,

- securing the debtor's assets,

- the lodging of claims,

- participation in the Creditors' Meeting and the Creditors' Council,

- verification of the distribution of bankruptcy funds,

- proceedings for a court ban on the debtor's business activity.