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Welcome to the website of my law firm.

I provide legal assistance throughout Poland to both individual clients and entrepreneurs in the area of civil law, administrative law and commercial law in its broadest sense. My goal is to provide reliable and professional assistance in solving any of your legal problems. I approach each case individually. Out of concern for the highest quality of services I cooperate with, among others, experienced tax advisors, sworn translators, notaries, bailiffs.


Who is an attorney-at-law and how can help you?

 Every attorney-at-law in Poland is bound by the rules that apply to the practice of the profession of lawyers, including the Counsel Act (1982), Etics Code of Attornet-at-law. In addition, every lawyer is bound by the ‘Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act’

The profession of an attorney at law is a profession of public trust and is organized within the professional bar according to the Act of the Polish Parliament under the authority of the Polish Constitution . The profession of an attorney at law is one of the legal professions recognized in Directive 249/77/EEC on temporary provision of legal services in another EU Member State and Directive 98/5/EC on permanent provision of legal services in another EU Member State.

The aim of the activities of attorneys at law is to provide legal services and legal assistance to individuals and legal entities, in particular by providing legal advice, preparing legal opinions, drafting legislative proposals and representing clients before courts and public bodies as a legal representative or a defence counsel, including before the Supreme Court, Constitutional Tribunal, Supreme Administrative Court, the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights.

In general an attorney at law can be anyone who has completed a Masters of Law degree in Poland , such a person should enjoy full public rights, he or she should have full capacity to act, be of impeccable character and have completed his or her legal training with an exam in Poland. 

The legal training lasts three years (before four years)  and is run by the Regional Bar Associations. The intake for the legal training occurs after passing a written state exam. The final examination after undertaking the training is also a written state exam.


Who is a bankruptcy advisor and how can help you?

 A licensed Restructuring Advisor, as entrepreneurs operating in the field of diagnosis and prevention of insolvency, crisis management of business entities and performing the activities of restructuring advisor, receiver, supervisor and administrator on the basis of the law of the Republic of Poland and the regulations in force in the countries of the European Union.

Every licensed advisor has to have not less than three years of experience as entrepreneur and has to pass an exam before Minister od Justice in Poland.

Licensed advisor can act as private advisor obligated by client or can act as advisor, receiver, supervisor and administrator when he is obligated by decision of the Court in Poland.


Business client

If you intend to do business in Poland, or you already do it, you probably know perfectly well that ignorance of the law harms you - if you are an entrepreneur and you do not have time to analyze the regulations, our law firm will help you. In business there are quite often situations when a legal adviser is needed. Starting from setting up a company, signing contracts with contractors, disputes over incorrect or non-performance of a contract at all, cases with a social insurance company or tax office, employee issues and many others. Finishing at the end of the business. The Law Firm helps at every stage of the life cycle of the company. Having a license of a restructuring advisor and running my own business for many years I understand your problems also from the business and economic point of view. Proposing solutions that are not only legally correct, but also justified from the manager's point of view. Attorney at law, bancruptcy advisor will highlight the situation so that it is possible to choose the optimal solution for your situation.


Individual client

It often happens that life brings with it events that we wouldn't want, but we still have to go through them. Problems with your spouse, children, neighbours, property quarrels, debts. These are issues that my clients have to deal with. Attorney at law, bancruptcy advisor is able to help to choose the way of acting and solution in difficult life situations.


Fully professional, ethical and effective legal assistance. This is how the scope of our law firm's activity should be understood.

I invite both natural persons and business entities to contact me.

Submit an inquiry or call and you will be informed about your legal situation as regards running a business and in your private life.

Feel free to contact me.